Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Happens

Hello dusty old blog.  What am I to do with you?  Dust you off and journal feelings again?  Leave you as is for a remembrance of my feelings during that year?

I read back through a few of my old posts.  There is so much pain and wanting to heal.  It's just painful.

Well we will start with an update from my last post.

My brother is still with me.  They are currently regularly monitoring his tests and levels, and they have remained the same for the last several months.  No new growth or spreading so for now that is good news that he is happy and alive.  Sadly my Grandma and Uncle are loosing the battle against cancer.  It's such a terrible disease.

I took the anti-depressants for a few months.  Looking back it helped me gain perspective and have the ability to focus on the positive again.

I lost my little dog last fall.  She got out of the yard and into the road and didn't survive an accident with a car.  It still makes me tear up because I sure miss that little ball of energy so much!  We had her less than 1 year and I can't believe how much a 7 lb dog made such an impact in my life.  Things the little girl taught me:
  • It felt so good to open my heat and love something new!
  • It felt good to feel needed.  I still have my 2 cats, but they don't need near the care my little dog did.
  • Go for walks, it feels good to be outside.  
  • Greet your loved ones every day.  
  • Poop happens, clean it up and get over it.
I finished my masters degree!  No, I did not add on extra classes.  I couldn't take anymore school.

The endo diet... I sure struggle with that.  I am definitely a stress/emotional eater, at least I confirmed that.