Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post-It Notes and Texting

This is the form of communication that my house has resorted to this week. I am texting my husband because he gets home when I am asleep, and he is asleep when I leave for work.  Post-it notes to baby sister because she is on my father’s Stone Age cell phone plan and does not have a texting plan…really?  I guess that is what happens when I am on day shift, M is on swing shift, and baby sister is on graveyards.

I left a total of 5 post-it notes for baby sister just now.  Regarding her car M has done some work on, her trip to WY for our father’s birthday this weekend, things I need her to take to WY to return to my parents, and our father’s birthday present.  Seriously, 5 of them to communicate with herJ

This is odd…how do people live like this?  I feel like my 12 year old cat that HATES change.  He is so funny.  We can’t move furniture in our house without upsetting him.  I guess I understand how my cat feels this week!  Change…blah!
One more day of this craziness left.  I am trying to take Friday off work because M’s family is in town to celebrate his Grandma’s birthday.  This involves taking the cutest nephew ever ice skating.  Which for some reason the ice skating rink in town is only open on Friday’s from 11:30 to 1:30, what a weird time for public ice skating.  Am I the only person in this town that works during this time?  What a weird week, but I am doing good and finding the humor in what I thought would be a anxiety riddled week.

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