Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools’

Yesterday was a beautiful March day. It was an unusual 75 degrees, which is a rare high for my neck of the woods in March.  It was windy and wonderful.  M and I got out the stunt kites and spent a few hours flying those in our field.  It really made me appreciate the beauty of where I live.  I love it here.  Today we woke up to an April Fools’ joke from Mother Nature as we watched snow flurries dancing outside my bedroom window.  I love watching snowflakes tumble around.  I love when the seasons change.  I’m sad to see the snow leave, but excited for my little plant buds growing.  I’m ready to trade snow shoveling for yard work.  Personally I would rather shovel snow, but yard work does bring more satisfaction.

My emotions can change as fast as the weather here.  Yesterday I was sad.  There was just one too many pregnancy announcements that brought me over the brink of sadness.  It was wonderful that the weather was nice since M had to drag me outside to play in the field.  I instantly felt better.  Today I feel more reflective than sad.  My emotions are as varied as the weather here this time of the year.  I often feel like my emotions take one step forward and another step back.  I’m hoping that this eventually will lead me to the path of happiness.  I’m really trying to get there.
I wanted to share some of the beauty of Mother Nature's changes where I live.  I took this picture off my deck just one month ago.  I love it when the snow stacks up on the tree branches.  I also love the view off my deck.  I love the mountains.

This is a picture I took yesterday.  Please don’t judge my crappy yard work skills.  The snow fell this fall before the leaves did so I don’t have them cleaned up yet.  But I found the first signs of blooms yesterday, these little tiny blue flowers.  Soon my gardens will be filled with lots of color.

Happy Spring!

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