Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This kid I love

Our friend’s came over to have dinner with us tonight.  They brought over their 4 year old daughter that I adore.  Seriously…my poor surgery belly is aching from laughing so much tonight.  The mom is one of my best friends for over 10 years.  She is one of the few people that knew of our years of ttc and fertility treatments.  She was also one of the few people I told of my surgery before I had it.  She was telling that she had a conversation with her 4 year old before they came over about how I had to have surgery and get cut open to get my insides fixed and how I would not be able to play with her like I normally do.  Her daughter’s first reaction was to ask, “Does that mean she is a Zombie?” I couldn’t stop laughing!  Her mom told her that I am not a Zombie and she brought over a puzzle for us to do together. 

Later, while we were eating dinner at the table this little 4 year old asks me, “Did you want to have a baby?”  I told her yes I did.  Then I received this advice from her, “Well you know, all you have to do is go to the hospital and they will hit you hard on the back and give you a baby.”  So all 4 adults at the table bust up laughing and my little friend is looking at me so seriously.  I told her I did not know that’s how you got a baby and next time I’m at the hospital I will have to ask the Doctors about that;)

Where does she come up with this stuff?  Now I must go to bed and rest this aching belly of mine.  I’m happy to say it is aching from laughing so much tonight.


  1. Oh my gosh, too funny! You will have to save this post and read it to her at her wedding or baby shower in about 20 years. ; )

  2. Lovely!! I have an adorable four year old in my life too, and I treasure the moments with her.