Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Definition by a 5 year old

Recently we were invited to a family dinner with a friend’s family.  M was the best man at their wedding and we have enjoyed our relationship and watched it grow over the years.  This couple has my favorite 4 year old girl.  Her humor and wit amazes me every time I see her.  Her Mother is not so girly, so I enjoy getting to play the “girly” things with this girl.

We arrived at our friend’s parents’ house and all the women were in the kitchen cooking, the men were having drinks, and me not being a cook…found the children coloring in the other room.  I instantly hit it off with my favorite little girl’s cousin who is 5.  We shared our joy of coloring, the color purple, and unicorns.  We were fast friends.

At dinner it was insisted that I sit in between my favorite 4-year old and her cousin.  Which I think their parents were more than happy to have the little girls sitting with me.  During dinner the 5-year old cousin started the following conversation

5-year old:  Are you a mom?

Me:  No.

5-year old: Oh, are you a Grandma?

Me: (What the crap…I’m only 33!) No!

5-year old: Oh, are you a kid?

Me: No.

5-year old: Are you a teenager?

Me: (Phew…I don’t look like a Grandma!!!) No.

5-year old: Ok.  What are you?

Me: (Pause…what the hell can I tell a 5 year old?  I don’t need to go into any stories of infertility, then I came up with the answer…it was so simple.)  I’m a grown up.

5-year old: Ok.

That was the end of that conversation.  We continued to talk about what food items we did like and what items we didn’t like as I tried to persuade her to eat some vegetables…with no successJ

If only adults could accept me with such an easy explanation and no judgment.


  1. Oy, kids. Reminds of when my SIL's niece was a toddler. More than once, when we were at a family gathering where there was a baby, she would fix her big brown eyes on me and ask loudly, "And where's YOUR baby??" This was pre-ttc & pre-infertility, etc., but I still found it annoying. ; )

  2. Your last sentence is just perfect!