Thursday, April 12, 2012

That Evil Green Monster

There is something weird going on here at my work.  It is worse than it has ever been.  I work in an administrative building for our company.  The majority of the workers in here are male, and of the remaining female workers I would say about half of them are in their “child bearing” years.
Current Count:
Ladies on maternity leave: 1
Ladies walking around with baby bumps: 4
I’m surrounded.
It’s not a huge building.  I can’t go anywhere without looking at a pregnant person, plus there is one pregnant person in my department two cubicles from me.  I see them when I go to and from my cubicle, the copy room, the restroom, and the break room. 
I’m trying my hardest not to let the evil green jealousy monster out.  But it’s going to be a long year of pregnancy talk, birth stories, maternity leaves, and baby talk when they come back to work.
I need some new music on my iPod I think.  Any suggestions on what music drowns out pregnancy and baby talk?


  1. dear Heather,
    I know the evil green monster too well! There were 3 ladies walking around with baby bumps at my work last year. I couldn't wait that they go on maternity leave. And now the two of them are already back, talking ONLY about their little ones.

    Here is my top favourite song:

    I love Joe Cocker. . The song makes me think of Manhattan. And Berlin. And all the beautiful places I would love to see one day....

  2. Oh dear. I was lucky, and only had to put up with one pregnant woman, and a new grandfather, during my infertile years. You have my sympathies!

  3. I can relate. In the first two years after I lost my baby, there were TEN (count 'em!!) pregnancies in my office (including three announced at our office Christmas party that year). All successful, of course. I thought I was going to go bonkers. But I'm still here. ; ) Hang in there & turn up the volume on your headphones!

  4. oh is that what you call it? I am going to have to borrow that term. Last year 3 of us were pregnant My two co workers were due Sept 24th and I was due oct 13 only I never got to have my due date. I sat through a double shower, learning the gender of each baby, ultra sound pictures, and answered the phone when each of their spouses called to let us know they had their baby.
    I stopped listening to music because all it does is make me cry and I am often reminded that I need to be at 100% when at work (no feelings what so ever) I don't have the opportunity to listen to anything at work though but on my way to work in order to avoid the tears I listen to public radio.

    1. Wow...I'm sorry for your loss. Work must have been so hard.

      I guess we all learn how to avoid the tears differently:)

    2. Thanks I am glad I found your blog. This week I am having trouble avoiding the tears. I am even dreaming about baby showers.