Monday, July 30, 2012

Raising Kitties

Raising Kitties

Friday was desolate at my work.  It is the end of July and a lot of people are on vacations.  In the afternoon I found myself surrounded by 2 ladies that are now grandmas, and for some reason they both decided to let me know how they wished that they had opted to “raise kitties instead of children” and told me of all the hard times they are having with their grown children right now.

Even though I was glaring daggers though them as they told ME about the pitfalls of parenthood in MY cubicle area, they didn’t notice.

What can you do?

I took a deep breathe and realized that I have been talking about embracing the joy in my life and it’s time to start acting on it.

Here are my kitties I am raising, and how I do love both of my boys.

Both boys were born to wild feral cats in our area. The orange stipe one is 2 years old, and the siamese mix is 12. M got the older one when we were dating and the orange one was abandoned by his mother in our pump house in the field. They are both fixed, live indoors and outdoors, catch rodents and birds, and pretty much rule our house. We own 2 acres that they prowl. The siamese mix is ornery and hates strangers. He does cuddle to M or I, but only on his terms and when he deems necessary. The orange stripe is a purring and cuddling machine.   Our older cat was not happy when the orange one moved in, but they are now good company for each other.
So, even though this happened Friday and this blog post idea happened Friday (as soon as I stopped glaring daggers through my 2 co-workers), I have been too busy to post about it.  Raising kitties gives me the freedom to go to school for 8 hours this weekend, attend 1 bbq at a friend’s house, talk my sweet M into taking me to a movie, and spend a glorious Sunday at the pool with friends and then go get pizza and beer for dinner. 

Ah… the freedom of raising kitties!  This was a great weekend:)


  1. I actually ENJOY hearing about the negative aspects of parenting. Makes me feel better about not going through it myself. But maybe I'm just

    Cute cats!

  2. I raise dogs instead of children :). I haven't heard such a conversation yet, but I am thinking after reading your post...I'll be ready now!

  3. I had one in the past, like the orange one of yours. I miss that cat 'coz he was just SO cute he he...

  4. Always have it easy with furry kids, although vet bills are not a bag of laughs. :P

    I have always liked cats, but can't take as pets.. Allergies. :( Thankfully there's the dogs! (my rescue pekingeses).

  5. I loved my two kitties. They're gone now, but they were real members of our little family. I'm glad you love yours - they make me miss my Cleo and Gershwin.

    I wonder if the two women might have been trying to let you know that motherhood isn't all roses (perhaps to make you feel better?) and personally I suspect that a lot of women feel like them but don't ever feel they can verbalise it.