Thursday, May 17, 2012


Eleven years this week M and I were married in a garden gazebo at a casino in Las Vegas.  M was 21 and I was 22.  It wasn’t what everyone thinks when they think of a Las Vegas wedding.  Most people picture a quick run into the little chapel in whatever you want to wear, and next thing you know you are married.  Ours was in a beautiful garden, I had my white dress, M wore a tux, and some of our family was with us.  I loved it.  It was simple with no big fuss.  Kind of like meJ 

After we were married we spent a few more days in Vegas and then worked our way back home to Utah and visited Zion National Park.  I hadn’t ever been to this Park and it was breathtaking. 

I have mentioned before that although M and I are not the religious type, we do come from religious families.  It was assumed that since we were married in Vegas, and not in a church setting, that I was “knocked up” and for months after our wedding family kept asking us when we were having a baby.  At the time we would laugh about those odd questions, and think up ways to answer them such as “oh, not for a few years” or “we don’t want kids yet”.  Little did we know the joke was really on us?  Well, 11 years later those family members have finally started to stop asking about babies. 

We have had our share of ups and downs just like everyone else.  It is bittersweet to hear other newlyweds talk about their life plans.  They have everything planned out and expect it to turn out that way.  I remember thinking like that.  We stalled in our lives for 7 years while we were ttc.  At times our infertility has brought us closer and also pushed us apart.  I believe that we are currently at a point where we are still recovering and grieving from our inability to have a child, but we are strong and I feel that we are getting closer.  I currently picture us stepping into our new lives, hand in hand, probably M pulling me at times since I tend to lag a little… but we are moving forward.

We are celebrating our anniversary this weekend.  As soon as I get out of school Saturday we are heading to a neighboring state where we have reserved a suite and plan on having a fun night away from real life.

Thank you M for choosing me, and I look forward to the next 11 with you.

***I look at these pictures and miss M's long hair!


  1. Hi, THANKS for leaving a comment in my blog. :-))) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for the two of you. May your marriage grows stronger and your love flames keep on burning! :-D

    LOVE that wedding pic of yours. As to the joke thingie, I once said to my Dad adamantly when he said that the best age for women to have kids was 25 y.o, that "I'll never have kids."

    Anyway, have a LOVELY anniversary! :-D

  2. Thanks Amel. I was happy to find your blog.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I'm sure the next 11 years will be filled with love and excitement. Best wishes to you both.

  4. thanks for sharing the photo. Beautiful photo!

    Congratulations! I wish you another 7 x 11 happy & healthy years together!

  5. Congratulations!! Hope you had a great anniversary getaway. : )