Sunday, May 27, 2012


I need to thank all my friends that left me the supportive comments on my last post.  I appreciate every one of them.  I especially loved Mali’s advice about going shopping for some items that support me and my breastsJ  Just to let you know Mali…I took your advice and couldn’t stop smiling after.

Well tomorrow we are heading home from visiting family.  Before we left on this trip I kept thinking about how the weekend would revolve around my SIL that is expecting in the next month and I was dreading this.  The weekend didn’t really turn out that way.  That wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined.  I enjoyed spending time with my niece and nephew.  I actually thought that I would make it through the weekend relatively unscathed until a bombshell was dropped tonight.  I’m not really ready to talk about this bombshell yet…somehow I managed to walk out of the room without losing it.  But, it just proved to me how oblivious people are to our infertility situation.

I’m welcoming tomorrow.


  1. We're here to listen and to offer support when you're ready. Hugs to you.

  2. GLAD to hear about the bras. :-D Sorry about the bombshell, but glad the weekend went rather well.

    Here's to tomorrow and more HUGS!!!!

  3. Hang in there- we ought have foxholes and helmets for whenever we experience bombshells. :/


  4. Ick well I will be ready to listen when you are ready

  5. I'm glad about the bra(s) - I can tell you that everytime I wore my "ectopic pregnancy" bras I would smile. I owe a debt to Sam, the woman who suggested it to me.

    Glad too that most of the weekend went well, but sorry that there was a bombshell - probably just as you were letting your guard down too, I imagine. Sending hugs.